Flapjacks 75g

Why Flapjacks?

When we looked at launching Oatein, we didn’t want to be another brand of “High Protein Bar” wrapped in flavoured substitutes. We wanted to lead from the front and provide well-made and delicious products that leave you feeling content, refreshed and ready for whatever the day throws at you.

Oatein Flapjacks are developed in our kitchen and not in a lab. Our Baker who has over 15 years of expertise in the Sports Nutrition field is dedicated to producing products that taste and look like they have been home baked…just like the great British flapjack.

oatein protein flapjacks

Our flapjacks have a rolled oats based recipe which gives them their real home-baked taste and texture. Rather than loading them with powders and substitutes, we use naturally occurring protein sources and an oat mixture. This gives them a natural flavour and consistency rather than a chalky or powdery one that so many protein based snacks have.

Oatein Flapjacks are great for eating at breakfast or as a snack throughout the day. They work well as pre or post workout snacks and come in six fantastic flavours, specially chosen to reflect our natural roots.

oatein packaging

Oatein bars are available in two different sizes including 40g bars and 75g bars. Our 40g bars contain 10g of protein and our 75g bars contain 19g of protein. This is ideal for helping to repair muscle tissues after a workout. The bars also contain slow release carbohydrates to help sustain energy levels throughout the day.

The science behind Oatein

Protein is an essential component for optimal recovery and muscle repair. It can however be difficult to consume enough of it due to the demands of daily life in the 21st Century.

It was with this in mind that we wanted to create a tasty and protein filled product, tailored to the busy modern lifestyle.

Unlike other flapjacks currently on the market, the Oatein Bar is low in saturated fat. This ensures that you are consuming only natural and healthy ingredients that help to alleviate any sweet cravings you might have. Oats in the bar are the primary carbohydrate source and help maintain blood sugar levels which can hinder your performance at work, in the gym, or even on the golf course.

Oats and protein combined helps replenish depleted energy levels and repair muscle tissues after any form of physical activity.


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