Fitness tracker

Fitness Trackers | Should You Get One?

Fitness trackers have become an essential for lots of us during lockdown.

Not being active enough can cause minor and major health issues. Inactivity can result in both physical and mental problems, such as weight gain and a lack of concentration. Therefore, keeping active is vital at the moment whilst we are still tackling Covid-19, to improve your immune system. Keep on reading to find out the benefits of jumping on the fitness tracker band wagon!

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Habits In Lockdown | Which Ones Should You Keep?

We’ve all created new habits and done things we never imagined ourselves doing this past year; working from home, doing workouts in our living room and having parties via Zoom.

Now that we’re getting some form of “normality” back, it’s worth talking about the habits we created, which ones we should keep and which ones we should kick straight out the door like we all hope to do with coronavirus (eventually).

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What should I eat when running a marathon or a long run?

As of April 2020, you’re probably not too worried about any races thanks to current events. However, more and more of us are taking advantage of our ‘free-time’. While having big goals might not be for everyone at this moment in time, there’s no reason to fit on the sofa all day, you can still get in the habit of staying fueled the right way!

Fueling the right way on the vegan diet

A healthy diet that provides you with all of the nutrients you need is vital for anyone who undertakes exercise. However, when exercise becomes an endurance event like a marathon then it is important to make sure that you get your nutrition right during exercise. The last thing any of us wants is to hit the wall, bonk or crash. We’ve all been there, it sucks

So, if you are wondering what you should eat before you run, then we have you covered.

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Kick start recovery after a run

How to kickstart your recovery after a run

Kick start recovery after a runWhile running is great for your health, how you recover after a run makes all the difference.

The truth is, what you do after your run will enable you to get the most from your run but also prepare you correctly for your next run so you can get out there and perform at your best. One of the mistakes athletes from all disciplines make is overtraining, fatiguing themselves and/or causing injuries.

If you focus on recovery correctly after a run, you’re much more likely to prevent injury and enhance your performance.

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Running on fumes: Why you should exercise before breakfast

Are you an early bird, a midnight owl, or something in between? Most of us prefer a certain time in the day to get a sweat on or after we’ve kickstarted our daily routine in a certain way.

There’s always been a belief that your body should be adequately fuelled before a workout. On the whole, this is true, after all, how can you work at your peak if you don’t have enough energy to keep you going?

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Oatein gym stress

Can hitting the gym help relieve stress? Yup.

Oatein gym stress

If you thought that hitting the gym was just about getting hench or becoming an Olympic level athlete then it is time to think again.

The thing is, we are all familiar with the feel-good factor that comes with going to the gym. Even if you dread walking through the door, you’ll leave feeling like the world is a happier, more vibrant place…and a lot better about yourself too. What’s not to love?

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What should you eat after a run?

Fuel right after your run, protein flapjack

What you eat after you have been for a run can help you to get the most from exercise but it can also prepare you for your next running session.

Running is an intense form of exercise and as a result, it uses up a lot of energy while breaking down muscle fibres and cells. Don’t be alarmed though, this is natural but you can make it all good again by eating the right things. It is simple enough but being armed with the correct information can help you to make the right decisions.

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Want to lose weight from running? Do it the right way.

Losing weight with running

We all know that exercise can help us to lose weight. It’s true when the say that the more you move, the more calories you burn and that is true when it comes to running.

If you want to lose weight from running then you need to make sure that you do it right. We all have the ability to run, but there is slightly more to it than putting on your running trainers and hoping for the weight to drop off. So here is how to do it right.

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