Low GI Foods

What are low-GI Foods and why are they important?

Low GI Foods

All the food that we eat has some kind of nutritional value, whether it’s low sugar snacks and healthy protein bars to a pina colada, they all have some kind of effect.

The impact of food on our blood sugar levels is rated by a GI-index rating, or  glycemic index. Studies have shown that a low GI-diet could lead to weight loss while also reducing the risks associated with heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Carbohydrates are the only macro-nutrient which effects our GI-levels.

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9 things I learned quiting sugar

11 things I learned giving up sugar for 2 weeks

9 things I learned quiting sugar

Dare to give up the sweet stuff?

Are you a sugar addict? I am, or maybe…was? 

Once something we only consumed naturally, for instance through the natural sugars found in fruit, we now find added sugar in almost every kind of food we consume. While sugar might be seriously delicious, it’s also serious addictive and can definitely mess with your mood, sleep and good vibes. 

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fibre can help you lose weight

Fibre can help you lose weight. Here’s how

fibre can help you lose weight

Until very recently fibre has been shuffled under the rug, overshadowed by it’s trendier mates like protein. Finally, fibre might just be becoming the cool kid it was meant to be. But what does fibre do? Fibre is crucial to your diet regardless of age and plays a number of roles in ensuring your body ticks over at it’s best. 

In the last few years research has begun to demonstrate its usefulness for weight loss. So, how does it work and why does it work?

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GLuten FRee Protein

Gluten Free Protein. How to get enough!

gluten free protein

It can sometimes feel like a gluten intolerance is a life sentence, with the list of foods you can’t eat longer than your arm, and stopping to read food labels in the supermarket taking up the majority of your time. But those with a gluten intolerance or celiac gluten sensitivity know there is a wide variety of naturally gluten free foods for you to enjoy as part of a gluten free diet. 

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Protein and Weight loss

Is Protein Important for Weight Loss?

protein and weight loss image

Keeping your body weight down is important for reducing the long term effects of being overweight or obese. Healthy eating and cutting down consumption of saturated fats can reduce the risk of heart disease, as well as lowering blood sugar and blood pressure.

Health and fitness is taking over the world, with more lose-weight gain-muscle-quick schemes, none of which actually work. But with good nutrition and hard work in the gym, you can lose weight.

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