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Nutrition and Hydration Week| Keep Hydrated With Succeed!

In this article we unpick some of the benefits of drinking water and staying hydrated, along with how you could, add extra nutrients to your life through our Succeed range of supplements!

We use it every day, at the turn of a tap we have unlimited amounts of clean, fresh water. Even your local supermarket will be stocked up with the bottled kind. Yet why do we struggle to drink the recommended 8 glasses a day?

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Not getting enough sleep could be wrecking your fitness plans. Here’s why

We are all well aware of how important sleep is to us. Think back to how you feel after a lousy nights sleep and that will instantly tell you that sleep is vital.

Sleep is our chance to recharge our batteries and repair our bodies in preparation for the next day. However, when it comes to fitness, getting adequate sleep is an important part of physical health. So how does sleep affect exercise? Continue reading “Not getting enough sleep could be wrecking your fitness plans. Here’s why”

What should I eat when running a marathon or a long run?

As of April 2020, you’re probably not too worried about any races thanks to current events. However, more and more of us are taking advantage of our ‘free-time’. While having big goals might not be for everyone at this moment in time, there’s no reason to fit on the sofa all day, you can still get in the habit of staying fueled the right way!

Fueling the right way on the vegan diet

A healthy diet that provides you with all of the nutrients you need is vital for anyone who undertakes exercise. However, when exercise becomes an endurance event like a marathon then it is important to make sure that you get your nutrition right during exercise. The last thing any of us wants is to hit the wall, bonk or crash. We’ve all been there, it sucks

So, if you are wondering what you should eat before you run, then we have you covered.

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Kick start recovery after a run

How to kickstart your recovery after a run

Kick start recovery after a runWhile running is great for your health, how you recover after a run makes all the difference.

The truth is, what you do after your run will enable you to get the most from your run but also prepare you correctly for your next run so you can get out there and perform at your best. One of the mistakes athletes from all disciplines make is overtraining, fatiguing themselves and/or causing injuries.

If you focus on recovery correctly after a run, you’re much more likely to prevent injury and enhance your performance.

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What should you eat after run?

Fuel right after your run, protein flapjack

What you eat after you have been for a run can help you to get the most from exercise but it can also prepare you for your next running session.

Running is an intense form of exercise and as a result, it uses up a lot of energy while breaking down muscle fibres and cells. Don’t be alarmed though, this is natural but you can make it all good again by eating the right things. It is simple enough but being armed with the correct information can help you to make the right decisions.

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BCAAs Are More Important For Vegans; Here’s Why.

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Important of BCAAs

BCAAs are the building blocks of protein and are essential whether you’re an average Joe or a competitive bodybuilder. But for vegans they are even more important thanks to the drawbacks of living on a vegan diet. Don’t be concerned if you are a vegan however, we’ve created this one stop guide to make sure you know everything you need to about the mysteries of Branched Chain Amino Acids.

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