Get into Parkrun - People running

Get into Parkrun – Fuel right for your Run

Get into Parkrun - People running

For some of us the very thought of slipping on a pair of jogging shoes and hammering around our local park at 8am is a special kind of hell, for others there’s nothing better than a run in the sun.

For every one in between: Parkrun.

It you haven’t heard of Parkrun (really? Where have you been living?), parkrun a simple 5k ‘race’ format designed for runners of all levels, whether you’re just starting out or an experienced runner. If anything, Parkrun is more about community and improving your health than it is about performance. We dig that.

What’s more, parkrun is free every week at thousands of venues around the world. You can find your local run here.

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What are Macronutrients

Time to put the Sugar back in Protein Bars?

Woah hang on a minute? More sugar in our protein bars? Stay with me.

Too much sugar is bad for you. That isn’t a news to anyone. Sugar, especially simple added sugars like refined  (granulated, demerara etc) or high-fructose corn syrup can play havoc with your body composition, mood and energy levels, not to mention that over-consumption can lead to diabetes.

Whether it’s low sugar protein bars (like our own bar) or high protein flapjack bars, the latest trend is ‘low-sugar’, and not without good reason. These low sugar bars typically contain 2 grams of sugar or less and around 20 grams of protein. As a post workout or dieting snack they offer a few convenient health benefits and are perfect for popping in your bag when you’re rushing around.

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Vegan Protein

Whey Vs Vegan Protein Bars – Is Vegan Protein As Good?

Vegan Protein vs Whey Protein

With the upcoming release of our latest product, the Millionaire Crunch we think it’s the right time to explore the differences between vegan protein and whey based products. Is one better than the other and is there a reason for you to consider moving towards plant-based products and away from whey?

Protein powders and protein bars are an undeniably convenient way to increase your protein intake which is especially important for health-conscious individuals, athletes and dieters.

Over the last few years veganism has experienced massive growth with a rise of nearly 600% in the US and UK between the years of 2014 and 2017. This takes the number of vegans from 1% of the population to around 6%. While 6% isn’t a huge amount of the population, it’s big enough not to be ignored, especially when you consider that even among non-vegans there is a growing interest in vegan nutrition.

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6 Tips to Fuel Right for Exercise when Adopting a Vegan Diet

There are a whole host of benefits to adopting a vegan diet, some of them physical, others mental. That isn’t to say there aren’t challenges. Performing well during exercise takes a little thought and planning to ensure you give your body the fuel it needs to excel.

Whether you’re hitting the gym, dancing or running, the right nutrition is key to achieving as much as you can, and while there are many benefits to a vegan diet, it definitely takes a little bit more thought to get right.

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