Post workout

Post workout

Maximise muscle recovery and build strength and mass with Oatein. 

Post-workout supplements are all about aiding your body in replenishing itself after you’ve put work in at the gym. When your muscles are craving glycogen and protein, post-workout supplements are there to deliver easy, fast nutrients that will fuel the natural processes of muscle recovery and repair that builds mass and strength. 


Quality post-workout supplements focus on protein content - which is why our protein powder is available in both diet protein and standard variants to help those looking to shape up or gain size. 

For those who want to pack on muscle and give your body the fuel it needs to conquer every workout, we offer an Oats and Protein supplement that combines high protein per serving with the complex carbs your body needs to refuel. Or try our Dynamic supplement - our greatest tasting protein powder which is packed with quality protein and amino acids. 

Whatever your goals, give your body the nutrients its craving when you’ve hit the gym hard with Oatein’s post-workout supplement range.

Why choose post-workout supplements? 

  • Give your body what it craves following a workout with products that offer protein, complex carbs, fibre and amino acids. 

  • Prepare in seconds and enjoy great-tasting flavours.  

  • Diet protein also available for those looking to maximise muscle recovery without the calories.

Combine with high protein snacks for ultimate nutritional value

  • Oatein’s protein snack range is a great way to keep your body full of protein between meals. 

  • Pair your post-workout supplements with a mid-afternoon protein bar or cookie to stave off hunger and replace unhealthy snacking with something better. 

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