Oatein High Protein Low Sugar 20 for £20 Taster Pack! - Limited Time Only

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As Seen on BBC Dragons' Den!

The Go-to Diet Protein Bar.

Our High Protein, Low Sugar bars are packed with goodness. Their decadently soft centre is rich in wholesome protein and delicious nuggets of flavour.

Each bar is coated in a rich layer of caramel with a smooth layer of milk or white chocolate.

Oatein High Protein, Low Sugar Bars comes in 5 flavours:

  • Chocolate Brownie
  • Cookies & Cream
  • Peanut Crunch
  • Salted Caramel
  • White Choc & Strawberry

The Need-to-Know

Decadently Soft Texture - Sail away on a sea of soft, creamy whey...What we’re getting at is that our Low Sugar High Protein bar is soft. melt-in-your-mouth soft. Decadently soft. It’s really, really good.

20g of Protein - Each bar is bulging with 20g of protein: The building of blocks of muscles! The Low Sugar High Protein Bar is the perfect way to keep your recovery game on point throughout the day.

Filling - Protein digests slowly in the gut so you feel full for longer making the Low Sugar High Protein bar ideal for dieting!

Less Than 2 grams of Sugar Per Bar

2g of Impact Carb - Impact carbs are sugars that cause a rise in your blood sugar levels which can rapidly turn to fat if not burned off quickly. Non-impact carbs are absorbed much more slowly into your body providing energy gradually throughout the day.

*This product is excempt from use with any special offer or promotional codes

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