Protein Snacks

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Protein Snacks

Oats and protein for a match made in protein-loving heaven 

We could all use a little extra protein in our lives - but meal prep can be tough. So our healthy, high protein snacks are here to save the day - with delicious and affordable high protein options.


Step in Oatein. Yes, us. We’re so proud of our great tasting protein snacks that we’ve even had them on the tele in front of the infamous Dragons. Our protein snacks are designed to not only pack in high protein content but also moreish flavour without that boring “chalky” flavour lots of other protein bars have. 

We use delicious oats in every Oatein bar, cookie and flapjack - providing natural sweetness and energy that can help fuel your activities or refuel you after gym sessions. But hey, forget exercise - even if you’re just looking for protein snacks to enjoy between meals, we’ve got you. 

Smash all of your snack cravings with unbeatable protein bars such as the Oatein Hype Bar and Millionaire’s Crunch, or our delicious Protein Cookies and energy-packed High Protein Flapjacks. 

Browse the full Oatein high protein snack range below and remember: even vegans don’t have to miss out. Click here to check out our vegan protein snack options now. 

Why choose Oatein protein bars?

  • Incredibly good protein snacks that’ll make your tastebuds as happy as they make your body. 
  • Made with natural oats to cut down on artificial ingredients and limit sugars. 
  • Low sugar protein bars with enough protein to fuel your workouts or recovery. 
  • High protein low calorie protein bars for those trying to control their calories

For the gym lovers

  • If you’re really keen on smashing the gym and slapping on muscle, go beyond our snack range to our gym supplements - Oatein Succeed.
  • Made with the same attention to flavour and quality as our snack range but designed for maximum gym performance. 
  • Pre and post workout supplements are available.
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How do vegans get their protein?

Protein is available in many different foods, but most people associate meat with protein. Vegans can source protein in a variety of ways: from protein-rich foods like beans, lentils and seitan through to supplements such as vegan protein bars.

What are some good healthy vegan snacks?

It’s a subjective question, but generally, the best snacks are those that prioritise low artificial ingredients, remain low in sugar content and provide fibre, protein and healthy carbohydrates. For that reason, vegans snack on healthy foods such as roasted chickpeas, homemade trail mix, nuts and seeds, fruit etc.

However, why should vegans have to stick to these staples? We’ve made our whole vegan protein snack range unbelievably tasty and packed full of protein, so you don’t have to miss out.