The Oatein Story

Join the Oats and Protein Revolution...

We’re a young British brand with a big dream to bring delicious Oaty, protein-rich goodness from the kitchen, to athletes and health minded individuals, just like you. We hand-pick the best ingredients so that each and every bite, crunch or sip of our healthy snacks are as mouth-watering and nutritious as the next.


What’s so good about Oats and Protein Anyway?

Between our baker and the team here at Oatein, we have more than 20 years of experience in sports nutrition, supplements and healthy eating. We know that eating the right stuff makes all the difference.

oats benefit a healthy heart

So what about Oats? As a source of Low G.I. carbohydrates, Oats gradually release energy through the day sustaining your blood sugar levels and keeping you feeling full and satisfied all day long.

A few more things that make Oats great...

Oats are a source of complex carbohydratesOats a rich in proteinOats gradually release energy throughout the day
Oats are vegetarian The Oats in our flapjacks and cookies are rich in antioxidants

And Protein?

One of the building blocks of the human body: Your Muscles love protein. It’s crucial for building muscle and a important tool for losing weight.

Protein is a source of Energy Protein is the building block of muscle and is necessary for build lean muscle massOats are surprisingly filling, helping you feel full all day long!
Cookies filled with delicious blueberries!

Woah! That’s a lot of good stuff!

That’s what we thought...

...That’s why we got to work in the kitchen.

It all started with our Oaten Flapjacks. High in protein, fibre and natural Oats, we knew our home baked recipe would be a winner. The perfect fuel for exercise, Oatein Flapjacks will keep you right as rain whether you’re in the gym or hiking to the top of a mountain (We want to see pics!)

We’ve Worked Hard Since Then

Our Oven Inventors knew you wanted more from Oatein and so, we’ve come up with a few delectable snacks for your enjoyment

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High protein low sugar bar in wrapper, brimming with strawberries