Oatein Vegan Protein Bar Range

When Oatein appeared on the BBC's Dragons Den in early 2019, it was Deborah Meadens comment that stuck with us: ‘The world is going vegan’.

We listened.

Our goal is to create a range of high protein, low sugar products that suit everyone whether you follow a plant-based diet, are looking for gluten-free protein products or are just looking for healthy low sugar snacks.

With that in mind, we worked with our gastro-culinary-wizards to create our very first vegan protein bar: The Millionaire Crunch.

  • Zero Sugar
  • 15g of Protein
  • Gluten-Free
  • Vegan (2 Flavours vegan, 2 flavours vegetarian)
  • + More Vegan Flavours incoming soon!
  • Packed with low-GI Oats for all day energy

The Millionaire Crunch has been certified as vegan and approved by the Vegetarian Society. To be certified we had to prove that our products are;

  • Free from animal-derived ingredients
  • No cross-contamination during production
  • GMO-free
  • No animal testing carried out or commissioned

’Meet the Millionaire Crunch, our first vegan protein bar the Millionaire Crunch is zero sugar, contains 15g of protein...oh, and did we mention it’s blummin’ delicious’ (short descriptions)

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