Vegan protein snacks without compromising on taste 

Delicious protein bars, cookies, brownies and more - all powered by plant-based pea, soya protein. Affordable, quality high protein snacks you can rely on throughout the day - just without dairy, egg or animal products.

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What Oatein products are vegan? 

Any product displaying the Vegetarian Society Approved vegan trademark has met these criteria:

Free from animal-derived ingredients

No cross-contamination during production


No animal testing carried out or commissioned

Luckily, we’ve created a range of high protein, low sugar protein snacks for those following a strict vegan diet or people just trying it out. 

Oatein’s vegan protein bars are here for all your snack-related needs. We’ve packed in the protein, held off the animal ingredients and created a range of vegan protein bars you just can’t say no to. 

Enjoy rich, creamy smoothness thanks to the natural oats that form the basis of every bar. Lick your lips at the caramel, hazelnut and rich chocolate flavours on offer across the range. But most of all, smash your workout goals and silence the doubters with at least 16g of protein in every vegan bar we make. 

Shop the range of vegan protein bars on offer below, and remember: no compromises. Going vegan doesn’t mean going without.

Gym supplements for vegans

Looking for a way to power up your workouts and get better results in the gym? Try Oatein Succeed. 
Our Supreme BCAA supercharges the building blocks of muscle recovery to help support your goals. 
If you’re okay with caffeine, try the Succeed Energy Pre Workout to supercharge your energy levels ahead of your next session.
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  1. Oatein Millionaire Crunch Vegan (12 Pack)
    Cheat, not cheat? Utterly decadent, the Millionaire Crunch is the perfect guilt-free, low-sugar, vegan delight!  Zero/Low Sugar15g of ProteinPacked with low-GI Oats for all day energy
  2. Oatein Hype Triple Chocolate Vegan (12 Pack)
    If we were a hip brand we’d describe the HYPE Bar as ‘guilt-free’, a ‘premium protein bar’ or we’d say it was going to ‘Raise The Bar’. But we’re too honest: so we’ll just say that it’s a great-tasting protein bar which is low in sugar, high in protein and comes with vegan protein options.

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