Succeed by Oatein Oats & Protein (2.2kg) - Strawberry Sundae
Succeed by Oatein Oats & Protein (2.2kg) - Cookes 'N' Cream
Succeed by Oatein Oats & Protein (2.2kg) - Chocolate Delight

Succeed by Oatein Oats & Protein (2.2kg)

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Description of Succeed by Oatein Oats & Protein (2.2kg)

Oats and Protein, it’s kinda our thing. A creamy blend of oats and premium grade whey protein. Nomnom

Each 75g serving gives you 25g of muscle-building protein, helping you to build lean muscle mass. Whether you’re making a quick shake - perfect after your workout; adding to your breakfast on a morning or even baking - each of the three flavours have a delicious, creamy taste and texture thanks to the healthy mix of quality oats and whey

Product Description

High Protein (25g) Vegetarian Oats & Protein

Made with a healthy blend of low-GI carbohydrates and high-quality protein, Succeed Oats & Protein makes supporting your fitness goals easy. 

We’ve taken the great taste of our protein snack range and used the same oats and protein powder to create a perfect supplement for those looking to build mass or get healthier through calorie control. 

 Succeed Oats & Protein powder provides the full complement of BCAAs and amino acids for optimal muscle recovery and reduction of soreness after exercise. Our specially blended combination of oats and protein not only tastes incredibly creamy and delicious but helps keep you fuller for longer. 

Our Oats & Protein Powder is Whey-ly Good:

High Protein
Natural Taste
Source of BCAA
Source of Fibre
Complex Carbohydrates
Calorie Controlled