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Hey! If you’re on this page, it means you’re looking to learn a little bit more about Oatein and what we do. But we’re not the biggest fans of just talking about ourselves, so let’s talk about the most important person currently reading this: you

You’re probably a little bit tired of all the protein brands on the market. There’s an almost endless amount of protein supplements to choose from - with every brand claiming they’re the best at this or that. 

So, we founded Oatein with a pretty simple mission, really: to make protein snacks and supplements that actually taste great. That meant combining the goodness and flavour of oats with a range of recipes to satisfy even the most sweet-toothed of gym-goers, such as our famed Millionaire Crunch. 

Let’s get back to you. Oatein’s whole range is designed to offer support in any area you need it. Whether you’re looking for an energy boost to hit the gym, a protein-heavy snack to swap with your favourite choccies or even a vegan-friendly snack for your plant-munching pals, you’ll find it here on our site. 

We’d even make the bold claim that our protein products are the UK’s best-tasting! But how can we say that? Well - it’s always been part of the plan…


Martial Arts, Cherry Bakewells and Dragons: The Oatein Story

Oatein started in 2015 after John-Paul Gardner and Andy Dixon spotted a problem in the protein market: nothing tastes good. The two men, who both had backgrounds in martial arts, knew of the value of oats as a nutrient and created Oatein to offer a combination of the power of oats and great tasting protein snacks. 

The best way to do that was through the country’s sweet tooth - so Oatein’s first products were designed to replace our country’s favourite dessert flavours like Cherry Bakewells and Cookies and Cream. 

After trademarking the business name and exhibiting at trade shows across the globe, Oatein appeared in front of the famous Dragon’s Den team to make a pitch. They opted to work with Peter Jones for a £50,000 investment with a 25% stake, which led to a spike in demand and enormous growth. 

Despite the years of success so far, Oatein is not resting on its laurels. We’ve since launched a wide range of products such as the Hype Bar, Oatein Brownie and our entire Succeed sports nutrition range. We’re also proud to offer vegan protein products which are certified through the Vegan Society. 

As we continue to grow the Oatein range and perfect our delicious combination of flavour and nutritional value, we’re always open to hearing your feedback. Let us know which Oatein products are your favourite on our social media channels, or contact us directly if you’ve got any questions. 


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