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Special Offers
  1. Oatein Protein Flapjack (40g) - 40 Flapjacks for £20

    A healthy fusion of hearty rolled, jumbo & toasted oats and whey protein makes for a wholesome and delicious flapjack rich in fibre, protein and Low-GI Carbohydrates to keep you powered after a hard workout!

    Special Price £20.00 Regular Price £50.00
  2. Oatein Brownie - 30 Brownie Beast
    Is there anything better than a Brownie? How about an Oatein Brownie. Thought so.  Packed full of delicious, nutritious oats, each brownie contains 17g of Protein and around 4g of sugar making it the perfect healthy alternative to your typical supermarket treat.  Here’s a top trick from the team h...
    Special Price £20.00 Regular Price £50.00
  3. Summer Taster Box - 6 Flapjacks, 7 Cookies, 3 Brownies, 4 Million...
    Want to get a little taste of the full range? Look no further. 4x Millionaire Crunch (2x Vegan Protein 'bars' 2x Vegetarian Protein 'bars' NEW PRODUCT 6x Low Sugar Flapjacks NEW PRODUCT 7x Protein Cookies  3x Protein Brownies...
    Special Price £20.00 Regular Price £45.00
  4. Low Sugar Flapjack Taster Box - 20 Flapjacks for £20
    The Original Oatein Protein Oat Bake Treat. Even Better. Choc-full of toasted oats and available in five scrumptious flavours our Low Sugar Protein flapjacks are the perfect guilt-free snack when you don’t have time for a big breakfast or need a pick-me-up the get you through your next workout or a...
    Special Price £20.00 Regular Price £45.00
  5. Oatein - 10 by 10 Taster Box - 10 Flapjacks & 10 Cookies

    Oatein 10 by 10 Taster Box - Get 10 Flapjacks and 10 Cookies for £20

    Taster Box Includes

    • 10 Low sugar Protein Flapjacks NEW PRODUCT
    • 10 Protein Cookies
    • £1 per bar
    Special Price £20.00 Regular Price £44.99
  6. Oatein Cookie - 20 FOR £20 - Taster Box
    Chewy toasted oats, lightly baked with honey and chunks of melt-in-your-mouth caramel, chocolate or fruity raisin. Our Oats & Protein Cookie is rich in Low-GI carbs and packed with 16.5g of muscle-rebuilding protein making it the perfect snack any time of the day to support your healthy lifestyl...
    Special Price £20.00 Regular Price £45.00