Student Beans Discount

Here at Oatein we know being a student isn't the easiest. Some of us were there ourselves not so long ago. This is our opportunity to give something back to you hard working grafters battling through tough dissertations and early morning lectures so you can focus on working hard (and maybe even a the odd bit of fun).

So this one's on us. Whether you want to enjoy our delicious, oaty flapjacks, ultra-healthy High-Protein, low-sugar bars or even our up-and-coming vegan, gluten-free Millionaire Crunch, you're welcome to share in the goodness with a 40% discount code at

All you need to do to get your mittens on your code is click the 'Connect with Studentbeans ID' button and follow a few quick steps to verify that you're a student and get your exclusive discount

After that you'll be sent to the Oatein site where you can choose whichever snacks you want to fuel your workout, run or just get you through the day! So go on... what are you waiting for, get your hands on some of the best British made UK protein snacks you can!