10 of the best exercise, workout, and fitness hacks.

10 of the best exercise, workout, and fitness hacks.

So you want to get fit and get the most of the time you spend exercising? You know what they say: work smart, not hard (but you’ll probably have to do both!)

Many people believe that you have to spend hours in the gym or run marathons daily see any sort of results but you’ll be chuffed to know that just isn’t the case. In fact, if you use the following hacks you can not only get the most from each session but you’ll also see the best results! 

Exercise at the Right Time

timing exercise

We are all different, duh. Some people prefer to train at the crack of dawn (not me!), while others will hit the gym after work. Finding the right time of day to train can not only improve motivation but can feed into your circadian rhythm and make the most efficient core temperature for your body exert itself in. Therefore, you should aim to train between the times of 2:30 pm and 8:30 pm. So, if you want to hit your body at the right time, skip the early morning workout and switch it to the late afternoon or early evening.

Feel the Rhythm

Music has an almost primordial influence on us. It might not be in any book, but I'm betting that ancient cavemen jammed out their own versions of 'Chicane' and 'Get Lucky' while they worked out to take down T-Rex's. Prove me wrong.  

Have you ever walked into a room with loud music on and noticed yourself tapping away without even realising? A big beat or motivational groove at the gym can really help impact  the way in which we train.

Many studies have identified that music can enhance our mood and help us to work harder which is great for those times when working out just doesn’t appeal. So whether you want to bench press your personal best or you want to set the pace while running, pop on some 'dank grooves', feel the rhythm and smash your PB.

Save Time Don’t Stretch

This is going to have fitness fanatics running for the hills but you might be the type to spend ten minutes stretching before your workout. If this is the case then you could be wasting valuable time. Several studies have found that there might not be any benefit to stretching before exercise, and infact long static stretches can reduce your muscles effectiveness prior to exercise.

Instead of static stretches, focus on a light warm-up. A warm up will get you loosened up and get the blood pumping around your body which helps prepare your muscles for exercise and will help reduce injuries.

More Rest Between Sets

If you are into lifting heavy weights then there is every chance that you are not resting enough between sets and who doesn’t love a good rest? If you are power training then you should be aiming for around 3 minutes rest between sets. However, if you are someone who is relatively new to strength training then you could extend that rest to as much 4 or 5 minutes to get the optimal results. 

Pick the Right Exercises

It is true when they say that any exercise is better than no exercise but the trick is to make sure that you are doing the right exercises. You might think that a good workout consists of working until you cannot work any more while you sweat profusely but that might not mean that you have had an efficient exercise session.

If you have a goal in mind, then picking the right exercise could mean that you can cut down the time that you train while still maximising the benefits.

Eat The Right Foods

After exercise, you need to refuel your body. This is where you should grab healthy protein snacks over those unhealthy protein snacks that are filled with sugar and a whole host of other undesirable ingredients. Giving your body the right nutrients, especially protein after a workout, will ensure that you can repair those muscles so you are fit to fight another day in the gym. 

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Train with a Friend

It can sometimes be boring and unchallenging to train alone. While you might prefer to be alone and get some time to yourself, if you really want to get as much from your training then a training partner can work wonders. They can help the time to pass quicker as you might find that you chat as you run while they can also push you. If you see them setting a faster pace then you are more than likely going to try to keep up with them and the same goes for them too. Choosing to train or exercise with someone is a big commitment but if they can push you to get as much out of ever session then you are going to get results.

So, exercising doesn’t have to be hard or tiresome. In fact, these hacks are guaranteed to make the entire experience more enjoyable, efficient and rewarding at the same time.