7 Ways to Kickstart Your Immune System

7 Ways to Kickstart Your Immune System

Winters coming? Winters here. It's cold season again, when the entire office gets the sniffles and we all try to hide in our duvets away from the cold.

But you don't have to get the sniffles this year, it just takes a little bit of self-care to keep you right as rain. We often take our health for granted but ensuring that your immune system is actively doing its job is crucial to protecting our health. So, here are a few handy tips to boost your immune system and kickstart it into life. 

Start With Your Diet

There is a lot of truth behind the science that claims that what we put into our bodies is what we get out. Therefore, consuming fruit and vegetables can help our immune system. Many of us do not eat enough but consuming a small portion a day can provide you with vitamins, nutrients and micronutrients, all of which will add strength to your immune system.

Similarly, avoiding snacking on unhealthy sugar and fat laden treats has been shown to help with recovery. A great way to yourself from snacking on sugary treats is with high protein bars or vegan protein bars if you don't consume whey.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Rest is extremely important to our immune system. A lack of sleep can weaken your immune system, so make sure you get enough sleep. When you do get enough sleep, your body can repair itself and it helps you to feel alert while helping the body to work at its peak. Scientists say that we should be getting around 7-8 hours of sleep each night.

Stop Smoking and Reduce Your Alcohol Intake

Everyone is well aware of just how bad smoking is for the body. It reduces your oxygen intake and that can lead to all sorts of health problems. Alcohol can also cause health problems. Excessive alcohol intake can cause the liver to work overtime. This can reduce your T-cell count, as well as B-cells and these are the cells that help to fight bacteria. So, cut back and get your immune system working at its absolute best.

Get Plenty of Exercise

Exercise comes with so many benefits such as enhancing your mood or keeping your brain active but it also boosts your immune system. Getting the body working, whether that is a short walk on your lunch break or going to the gym several times a week, can help to improve your immune system and leave you feeling great.

Keep the Weight Off

It is all too easy to eat the wrong things. In doing this, not only are you giving your body the wrong fuel but you are also likely to put weight on. If you are carrying excess weight, it means that your body is storing more fat and that can actually weaken the immune system. So, make the right choices when it comes to your diet and keep the weight off if you want to boost your immune system.

Get Some Sunshine

This is one where you need to find the right balance. Too much sunshine is not good for the skin. However, we all need sunlight to help produce Vitamin D. While we can eat fatty fish, milk and fortified cereals to increase our Vitamin D intake, the sunshine can also help. So try to inject a bit of sunlight into your life, it really will help to boost your immune system.

Say Goodbye to Stress

Stress is no good for us and it can actually cause a wide range of illnesses or health problems including heart diseases and stomach upset. High levels of stress can suppress the immune system, leaving the body exposed to viruses and bacteria. So, try to relax more, incorporate exercise as part of your lifestyle to boost the mood and reduce stress and even indulge in some meditation. 

The immune system is an intricate part of our bodies and something that we can take care of ourselves. In taking care of it, we can ensure we remain as healthy as possible.