Are Flapjacks Healthy?

Are Flapjacks Healthy?

What Are Healthy Protein Flapjacks?

Flapjacks. Where do we start? They are a delicious treat, and they’re absolutely packed with oats, the ultimate slow burning carbohydrate, making them a great choice for a long-lasting energy boost. The beauty of the flapjack is their range.

There are so many different flavours; perhaps you fancy a lemon flapjack, granola, caramel and so on, so there’s definitely a flapjack for everyone. However it isn’t always guaranteed that a caramel crisp flapjack is going to be a healthy snack, so you need to make sure you know what you’re looking for! 

Are flapjacks good for you?

So, what is the nutritional value of a flapjack? Of course, this depends on the flapjack you pick. Some flapjacks are healthier than others, with some that are less healthy containing added sugar and extra golden syrup. However others do have more natural flavours with no added sugar and a focus on just raw oaty goodness. 

The simple glory of the flapjack is their energy boosting claim to fame. Due to their high oat content, they are a great choice for a quick and tasty snack; oats are known for their ability to lower cholesterol and boost your heart health! 

Just watch out for some flapjacks because they can be packed with extra sugar, calories and fat, which isn’t quite the healthy snack you might be after. Instead, look out for flapjacks with a low sugar count, those that have omitted any excess amounts of artificial sweeteners. 

Are you on the hunt for a healthy, oaty snack? Let us introduce the protein flapjack. 

What makes a protein flapjack healthier than a normal flapjack?

The protein flapjack is a high-energy healthy option to smash your snackish cravings. Protein is a key ingredient for long-lasting energy, while oats are rich in highly absorbable protein. The combination of both oats and protein, alongside a low sugar recipe, makes for the perfect healthy, high energy snack. 

As seen with this High Protein Flapjack , it combines toasted oats and whey protein to create a tasty snack that keeps you fuller for longer – whilst upping your energy! It is a low-sugar flapjack, so you can count on this protein flapjack to be just natural oaty goodness. 

An intentional amount of protein ensures that the protein flapjack has an array of health benefits. For example; protein helps to replace lost nutrients whilst also aiding in muscle growth and repair. This is why protein flapjacks, and other protein fixes, are such popular post-workout traditions. Protein will help you get the most out of your workout. 

The health benefits don’t stop there. Oats, found in flapjacks, are naturally high in antioxidants and have a proven ability to lower your cholesterol. This makes them the perfect choice for a healthy, and tasty, snack. 

Want to try including some quick & tasty healthy flapjacks into your diet? Try our diet-friendly, high protein flapjacks to keep you fuelled for your day.

Pro tip! For a super healthy snack break, try drinking a cup of green tea with your protein flapjack. Green tea is also packed with antioxidants, and its natural caffeine will give you an extra boost of energy! Next time you need a snack, try it out! 

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