Daily Steps | How You Can Increase Them

Daily Steps | How You Can Increase Them

It is recommended adults should take approximately 10,000 steps a day. Increasing your amount of daily steps can have a huge positive impact on your health. These health benefits are not only physical but they are also mental.

Carry on reading to see our top tips on how to easily increase your daily steps and the benefits of doing so.

Tips to increase your steps

  1. Go for a walk on your lunch break.
  2. Park further away from work and walk the rest of the way.
  3. Get off your bus/train a stop earlier and walk the rest of the way.
  4. Go for a run or walk before work, to get those steps in early doors.
  5. If you have a phone call meeting - take a walk whilst doing so!
  6. Take the stairs instead of a getting in a lift.
  7. Have breaks every so often to up the steps, whether that might just be grabbing a coffee or glass of water.

Benefits of increasing your step

Self Improvement

Once you start hitting those 10k step daily goals, you will most likely be determined to hit that goal every day. Some days you might feel that extra bit motivated and ‘beat’ your step count from the day before.

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Physical Health Benefits

Increasing the amount of steps you take can have a huge impact on your health. Two examples of this being that it can strengthen both your heart and lung health. Regular physical activity increases the amount of oxygenated blood that gets sent to your muscles. Therefore, the more active you are, the easier this is able to happen.

Weight Loss

Depending on your weight and the intensity of your steps, walking can be an easy way to lose weight. Studies have shownthat on average if you walk an extra 10,000 steps per day this can result in burning an extra 2000-3500 calories each week. Upping your steps can be that first stepping stone if you’re looking to lose a little bit of weight.

Mental health benefits

Getting out for some fresh air or stretching your legs often can have an effect on your mental health. Physical activity increases the release of feel-good hormones. This helps with feeling less stressed and anxious, but instead feeling more motivated and concentrated.


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Lots of us are guilty of blaming ‘a lack of time’ on not doing enough steps. However, this blog shows that there are many ways you can add extra steps into your day. These tips should not be ignored when it results in improving your physical and mental health.