Fitness Trackers | Should You Get One?

Fitness Trackers | Should You Get One?

Fitness trackers have become an essential for lots of us during lockdown.

Not being active enough can cause minor and major health issues. Inactivity can result in both physical and mental problems, such as weight gain and a lack of concentration. Therefore, keeping active is vital at the moment whilst we are still tackling Covid-19, to improve your immune system. Keep on reading to find out the benefits of jumping on the fitness tracker band wagon!

Every Day Motivation


There’s no doubt about fitness trackers keeping you motivated. Most fitness watches will tell you how many calories you have burnt, how many steps you have taken and your heart rate all on the home screen.

Having this insight every time you check the time, will motivate you to do those extra steps and burn those extra calories.

You will also more than likely get a little ‘nudge’ when you’ve been inactive to remind you to keep moving!


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Unlimited Features


There are a huge variety of fitness trackers today, from Apple Watches to Fitbits to Garmin Watches, which all have more features than you could ask for from a watch. Here are a few of the top features:


Sleep tracking — with data showing how you can adjust your daily habits to improve your sleep.

Heart rate monitoring — good way to measure how intense your workouts are.

Messaging — 9 times out of 10 you can sync your phone to your fitness tracker and receive text messages, which is of course super handy when you’re out and about!

Wallet — a lot of fitness trackers allow you to add your bank card. This makes contactless payment even easier.

Social Benefit


If you’re a sociable person then a fitness tracker could even make you some extra friends! They enable you to find people with fitness trackers in your area, and link up with them to create group workouts and challenges.

Money Motivation


There’s no point in sugar coating the prices of fitness trackers so, most of them will cost over £100.

However, for the amount you’re able to do with a small device on your wrist, it’s definitely worth the money.

This in result, gives you an extra motivation boost. As you’ve spent the money, you will want to make sure you’re making good use out of it.


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Achieve Your Health Goals


You will find that most fitness trackers allow you to log your food through the app that comes with whichever device you own.

A lot of you may think that this is just for people counting calories. This is not the case, by tracking what you eat the app will show you your macronutrients for the day. By looking at this you can see if you need more protein, carbohydrates or fat in your diet.

This is a huge help if you have personal goals you’re trying to achieve through exercise.

Above all, if you’re trying to find motivation and kickstart a healthier lifestyle, a fitness tracker could truly be a game changer!

Fitness trackers or smart watches have become an essential for some during lockdown.