Gym Workouts vs Home Workouts | Which Workout Is Best For You?

Gym Workouts vs Home Workouts | Which Workout Is Best For You?

Some of us love the feeling of a quick workout at home, it can create a comfortable environment for you to relax and concentrate on yourself. But a gym workout with music pumping can get you energized for a hard-hitting session.

Keep reading to figure out what you prefer! 

Home Workouts

Who needs a gym when you can tune into your favorite Joe Wicks video? Since the pandemic a lot of people have had no choice but to work out from home with gyms in the UK closing.

Research from Nuffield health has suggested that 8 out of 10 brits will continue their at home exercise routine into the future!

1] Home Workouts are great for those still working from home.

Working from home means you can squeeze in a session whenever is convenient for you. From a quick HIIT workout during your break to an evening Yoga session to help you wind down at the end of a stressful workday.

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2] Don't want to pay that gym membership?

Over lockdown people have become creative in all forms. But building your own gym style area at home has been an impressive hobby to keep minds active, a simple way to get started is buying some Resistance Bands, these can be integrated into a lot of heart-racing workouts shared online.

Sunny day? Make the most out of the weather and build an outdoor circuit in your garden.

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3] Self-Conscious? Home-workouts could be right for you!

Some of us prefer our privacy, while others may want to start their fitness journey with workouts at home until they feel comfortable enough to venture to their local gym or exercise classes.

Working out at home allows you to go at your own pace, exercise freely without judgement and best of all enjoy your sessions.

Gym Workouts

With a large variety of machines to choose from and access to great 1-1 personal trainers, the gym can provide a great space to max out your workout!

Here's some of the pros to going to the gym!

1] The gym offers more variety

From cardio machines to free weights, gyms offer a wide variety of possibilities for workout routines. Have fun with trying machines you can’t get at home and build those muscles.

Everyone knows a squat rack, but have you heard of the Ski erg?


2] The gym allows you engage in a motivated mindset.

A different environment and a larger space can allow you to challenge yourself in your workouts.

Working out amongst others can allow yourself to get in the exercise mind frame.

Connecting with others through group classes can help you meet like-minded people and form great gym-buddies for future sessions.

3] The gym offers a routine.

Although some may enjoy working from home, some may find it difficult to motivate themselves in a space where they would like to be relaxed, you can find many distractions at home!

Escaping to the gym will ensure you know you're staying on track with your training! Motivate yourself by hitting small training targets once you get to the gym. It's great to keep your head in the game!

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