Habits In Lockdown | Which Ones Should You Keep?

Habits In Lockdown | Which Ones Should You Keep?

We’ve all created new habits and done things we never imagined ourselves doing this past year; working from home, doing workouts in our living room and having parties via Zoom.

Now that we’re getting some form of “normality” back, it’s worth talking about the habits we created, which ones we should keep and which ones we should kick straight out the door like we all hope to do with coronavirus (eventually).

Quick Intense Home Workouts


Many of us were counting down the days until the gyms reopened, however, having to improvise when they were shut had many positive outcomes.

Working out from home meant we had to be more creative with our workouts, to keep ourselves motivated. This resulted in doing exercises and focusing on body parts that we wouldn’t previously have done in the gym, due to routine and lack of knowledge.

We’re all guilty of using up valuable gym time by chatting to friends or doing any other form of procrastination. Home workouts are a good habit to prevent distraction and you can do them before or after work.


Meal Prep


How many of you would watch the day away with Netflix and notice it was already 7pm? So naturally your first thought was to get a takeaway.

Don’t worry we’ve all been there, done that.

However, I imagine after a while you had to have a self intervention on a Sunday night, and preach the old ‘diet starts tomorrow’.

Our supermarket journeys became limited throughout lockdown so the easiest way around this was to do larger food shops. This encouraged us to plan our meals for the week.

A lot of the population are no longer working from home. So, this is such a vital habit to keep so you aren’t:

1. Spending outrageous amounts of money every day.

2. Tempted by the hundreds of unhealthy snacks in the shop.

Prep for the week to save you time and temptation!

Taking Advantage Of Fresh Air


We all knew we had hit rock bottom when the highlight of our day was getting to go out for a daily walk.

There is no denying that most of us realised that we have been underestimating what a bit of fresh air can do for your sanity. We had no choice but to make plans involving the outside, and we began to appreciate nature so much more!

This is a habit to definitely keep on your radar. Instead of watching an episode of your favourite programme after work, get out for an hours walk and have some ‘you’ time.

Keeping In Touch


The most disheartening aspect of being locked up in your house, was being apart from the people closest to you. So, we had to make do with Zoom, FaceTime, or phone calls. From the endless quizzes and cocktail parties, we certainly learnt how to make these calls more entertaining.

If you live a far distance from people you’re close to, why not organise a call with them stay in the loop? You never know what impact it can have on someone’s day!

What other lockdown habits do you think are worth keeping?