Healthy Vegan Party Snacks: A Guide For Hosts & Guests

Healthy Vegan Party Snacks: A Guide For Hosts & Guests

Vegan snacks you can make yourself or just pick up in the supermarket

So you’re throwing a party? Yay! But you’ve got to cater for different diets? Oooh.

Don’t worry - we’ve got you covered. Here at Oatein, we’re all about creating protein snacks that can be enjoyed by those following a range of different diets. From low sugar to high protein to vegan snacks, we know a thing or two about how to offer great food for all.

With summer still here and less lockdown restrictions than ever, party snacks are back on the menu. For those following a vegan diet, attending parties often means quietly bringing your own food so you don’t have to worry about making the host go out of their way or going without snacks all night.

Let’s put an end to this right now with a comprehensive list of great vegan party snacks, ranging from everyday ‘surprise’ vegan treats that we all know and love through to healthier options for gym lovers….

Before we get started, let’s quickly run through a vegan snacks checklist so that when you’re shopping you’ll be able to spot the right choices:

  • Some foods are labelled clearly as vegan, with an appropriate symbol. However, vegetarian products are also often suitable for vegans provided the ingredients list does not contain eggs, milk, dairy, honey or fish. Many of these ingredients are allergens so are typically listed in bold.
  • The ‘vegan’ aisle of many supermarkets puts more expensive versions of snacks on display. This includes things like crisps, bags of nuts, sweets etc - many of which have standard versions which are vegan anyway. So don’t pay more just because it’s a rebranded product.
  • Products labelled as ‘free from’ aren’t automatically suitable for vegans. Many still contain eggs or milk.

Vegetable spring rolls

Need something hot and filling at the party? Look no further than spring rolls. Most supermarket vegetable spring rolls are suitable for vegans - but you can also make your own if you’ve got the time.

To make your own, take spring roll pastry sheets and your choice of filling (onions, carrots, cabbage, bean sprouts etc.) - cook the filling in a wok and then roll the pastry sheets together by following a guide such as this one.

For dipping sauces, standard soy sauce is an easy option that is usually vegan provided it has no fish sauce. Gluten-free tamari is also suitable for vegans.

Healthier version: create your own ‘rice paper rolls’ instead of spring rolls to cut down on the oil content. These are similar to spring rolls but are made without frying.

Sushi rolls

Remember: sushi does not mean raw fish. Sushi is actually the type of rice used in this traditional Japanese food and is easy to make vegan. Whether you buy some vegetable sushi from supermarket ‘fresh’ aisles or you make it yourself, putting some vegan sushi out at your party is sure to raise a smile. Considering how healthy AND tasty it is, everyone will get in on it - not just the vegans.

Sushi is super healthy. Not only does Nori contain loads of nutrients that vegans can struggle with, such as iodine, they’re also a fresh food made without frying or any other calorific preparation methods.

To make sushi yourself, you’ll need sheets of nori (also known as seaweed) and a sushi rolling mat. It takes a bit of practice, but by using the rolling mat, sushi rice and filling, you’ll be able to create maki rolls. Avocado and cucumber are both popular vegan options.

Bread, etc.

Okay, we realise ‘bread, etc.’ is a pretty big category, but who doesn’t love the king of carbs? When it comes to vegan party snacks, the world of bread is ready to answer your problems in a huge variety of ways.

First off - bread is almost always vegan. Unless you’re talking about brioche, the majority of normal shop-bought bread is vegan by default. That includes bagels, buns, baps, breadsticks… you get the picture.

But at a party, you’re not gonna be serving regular bread - right? Sure - but you’ll be pleased to know that frozen garlic bread can be vegan by default. Often the cheaper, non-brand supermarket options are the ones that exclude milk. To find out, just look on the back to make sure there are no milk or egg allergens marked in bold.

Bread itself may get a bad wrap in the ‘health’ category, but wholegrain bread is actually packed with nutrients and not hugely high in calories. The issue with bread is mainly refined white bread and high sugar content. Try whole-grain equivalents for an easier way to get more protein as a vegan.

Chips and dip

A true party classic and certainly one you’ll find at almost every single event people throw, you may be surprised to learn that the majority of tortilla-based snacks available in the UK are naturally vegan-friendly.

Aside from those inspired by ‘Cool Original’ and ‘Tangy Cheese’ flavours from the big brands, which often contain milk, standard salted tortilla chips (especially the budget varieties) are almost always vegan. Salt-laden tortillas aren’t exactly healthy, but they’re fine in moderation.

In terms of dipping sauces, vegans can enjoy most shop-bought salsas, protein-packed hummus and some guacamole.

Healthier version: keep the dips and ditch the chips. Swap in carrot, cucumber and pepper dipping sticks for a super healthy equivalent.

Burgers and hot dogs

It’s 2021, and nobody should have to miss out on traditional party food. Vegan burgers and hot dogs are in abundance now, from cheaper supermarkets to big US brands like Beyond Meat. Easy to cook and acceptable to leave at room temperature, ready to eat ahead of the party, pair yours with the aforementioned vegan bread options above.

Discussing health in meat replacements is no easy feat. So instead, we’ll just say look at the packaging for the nutritional information and pick those with fewer total ingredients, preservatives and additives.

Sweet treats

When it comes to dessert-style sweet treats, vegans can have it rough. Almost all shop-bought standard products have some form of dairy or eggs in them, making them unsuitable. However, there are some small exceptions, such as bourbon biscuits which are usually vegan by default.

Millionaire’s shortbread is a decadent treat you can put down on the sweet side of a party table - which probably explains why almost every supermarket stocks small bite-sized versions in large tubs. But, here at Oatein, we figured that vegans deserve some of that joy too, so we made Oatein Millionaire Crunch in salted caramel and chocolate orange.

Both of these flavours are vegan millionaire crunch which are tasty and full of protein. If you’re hosting, chop some of these up into smaller squares and see your vegan guests’ faces light up when they realise they can have them too. Because they’re packed with protein and low in sugar, they’re the perfect healthy vegan party snack.

These are, of course, just a few ideas for the massive array of snacks and treats you can put out for vegans at your next party. Whether you’re just popping to the shop and need inspiration or you’re tackling some homemade food, the list above should help out. Just don’t forget to put a big smile on any vegan’s face when you say they can eat our tasty, healthy, protein-packed vegan snacks.