Protein Bar Calorie Comparisons

Protein Bar Calorie Comparisons

Protein bars are a popular protein supplement here in the UK and throughout the world. Various brands are available - but obviously, we think our new and improved Oatein Hype Bar is the best protein bar in the UK. Our main reasoning behind this is all down to our favourite ingredient: oats.

Where many protein bars shout about their protein content as if it’s the be and end-all of their nutritional value, we’re happy to accept slightly lower amounts of protein in our products if it means we can improve taste, avoid that common ‘chalky’ protein bar texture, keep sugar and fat content low and give your body the nutritional benefits of oats.

Oats are, after all, one of the healthiest grains in the world. They’re full of beta-glucans which slow down the body’s absorption of carbs - which prevents insulin spiking that can lead to your body storing fat.

Remember: the calorie content of a protein bar is only one thing to consider. If you’re looking for a protein bar for weight loss, a low sugar bar that prevents or lessens insulin spiking will likely be a better choice unless you’re working out quickly after consumption (otherwise, the unused blood sugar spike can lead to your body storing the glucose as fat).

So knowing that our bars, cookies and flapjacks are full of oats, you know you’re already getting a great nutrient into your body in addition to a protein kick. You also know, by reading this article, that we’re honest about our products and we’re not shy about discussing our pros and cons.

So let’s take a look at popular protein bars and see where we stack up…

We’ll even use our highest calorie flavour variant for the comparison, as well as our Triple Chocolate flavour vegan protein bar.

Bar Calories(kcal) Protein Carbs Sugar Fat Notes
Oatein Hype Bar Salty Caramel (62g) 213 20.7g 23.2g 1.8g 4.9g New and improved with more protein than ever
Oatein Hype Bar Triple Chocolate Vegan  (62g) 200 20.1g 19.9g 0.3g 5g Lower in sugar than ever, more protein than ever and even tastier too!
Clif Bar White Chocolate Macadamia (68g) 259 10g 37g 21g 7g Highest carb content
Grenade Carb Killa White Chocolate Salted Peanut (60g) 242 20g 19g 2g 12g 17g of polyols
PhD Smart Bar (64g) 238 20g 23g 0.6g 11g 20g of polyols listed in ingredients
Quest Protein Bar Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (60g) 200 21g 21g 1g 9g Contains no soy
Nutramino Protein Bar Chunky Peanut & Caramel (60g) 246 21g 21g 2.8g 12g High-fat content
Optimum Nutrition Whipped Chocolate Peanut Butter (62g) 203 20g 18g 2.1g 6.3g No dairy-free options

Why Oatein Hype Bars are the best low-calorie protein bar

You’re here on our website, so it’s no surprise we’re going to say we’re the best. Our current Hype Bar is a game-changing protein bar that offers unmatched flavour and great nutritional stats. Why? Well...

Low sugar

Our Hype Bar is a low-calorie protein option that combines the power of the beta-glucans in oats with ultra-low sugar content. This means your body will not spike its insulin response when consuming the bar so you’ll avoid excess glucose storage.

Vegan variant without compromise

Our all-new version of the vegan Triple Chocolate flavour is also a unique option on the market, as most of the brands we’ve discussed below don’t offer a vegan version of their most popular ranges. Our vegan protein bar packs in 20.1g of protein in every 62g serving.

Protein isn’t ‘everything’

At between 20-21g of protein depending on flavour, our bar is admittedly a few grams behind some competitors. But considering a single medium carrot has 0.6g of protein in it alone, is 1g of protein really something to worry about?

Focusing solely on protein content can be a misleading mindset. The source of protein (soy, whey, oats etc), quality of ingredients and other nutritional values must all be considered.

Lowest in fat

Did you also notice that our Hype Bars, even the most calorie-dense flavour options, are the lowest in terms of fat content? For those looking to cut down on fat, increase their protein intake and keep their sweet cravings at bay, we believe our bar is the best.

But don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at the table above and our notes on other products below this. Buy some all-new Hype Bars to try them for yourself. Trust us, the taste speaks for itself.

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Thoughts on the competition

Clif Bars

Clif bars are popular with rock climbers for good reason: they’re packed full of calories for those on the go and are easy to pack for a trip away to the mountains. However, they’re not ideal when consumed as a protein bar - especially for those looking to lose weight.

Why? Sugar. Clif bars (specifically the white chocolate macadamia bar) have 21g of sugar in each 68g bar. They have just 10g of protein, with the higher carb content a clear sign that this is a protein bar meant to fuel activity as it’s happening - not as a post-workout snack.

Grenade Carb Killa White Chocolate Peanut Bar

This bar might be packed with protein at 20g, but it also has a high-fat content of 12g. Despite the name, the product still contains 19g of carbohydrates. Other flavour variations have less, but typically range from 16-19g of carbs. While carbohydrates are not an issue for an active gym-goer looking for protein bars, the 12g fat content might not suit.

PhD Smart Bars

A popular choice for gym-goers, the PhD nutrition bar offers up a super low sugar count at 0.6g. The downside is that this means 20g of polyols to maintain its sweetness.

Quest Protein Bar Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Quest protein bars are a popular choice in the US. They’re packed with protein at 21g per bar, but also contain 9 grams of fat in each one - so they’re not ideal when you’re looking for low-calorie protein bars for weight loss.

Nutramino Protein Bar Chunky Peanut & Caramel

Despite only weighing a standard 60g per bar, the Nutramino protein bar contains almost 250 calories per bar. That’s a lot of additional calories if you’re trying to control your dietary intake. At 12g of fat, it’s also the joint fattiest bar in our comparison.

Optimum Nutrition Whipped Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bar

Optimum Nutrition has a long-standing brand history with a muscle-building audience. Their whipped protein bar in chocolate peanut butter flavour has 20g of protein in a 62g bar - with 18g of carbs and 6.3g of fat. However, there are no dairy-free options available to suit vegan diets.