Weight Loss Motivation: How to not lose hope!

Weight Loss Motivation: How to not lose hope!

Losing and maintaining weight can be super tough, but don’t worry and don’t lose hope. While it might be hard, it’s never going to be an insurmountable challenge, and if you follow these handy tips you’ll be much better equipped to reach your goals! 

It’s all too easy to get knocked bag on your weight control journey (Just Eat, anyone?). We’re constantly bombarded with messages telling us to buy ‘X’ food and let’s be honest, it’s all too easy to sit back and watch Netflix on a Sunday afternoon than go for a run (But sometimes that’s ok!)

There are other challenges to weight loss too. From uninspiring meals to the demotivating feeling of putting even a small amount of weight back on. When it comes to weight loss motivation and finding out how to motivate yourself to lose weight you need to make the right decisions and manage expectations. Read on and find out how you can maximise your weight loss and make the whole journey easier.

Understand Why You Want to Lose Weight

Why do you want to lose weight? Is it a big event in the diary, looking for that summer beach body or are you just trying to get healthier? 

Whatever the reason, you need to understand why you want to lose weight. Weight loss is a journey and it has to begin somewhere and that begins with understanding why you need to lose weight. 

Make a list of the reasons and read through them daily as this will help you to stay focused when you need motivation. 

Set Realistic Goals

Set realistic fitness goals

Weight loss is not a sprint, it is a marathon. Therefore, you should not expect to lose weight quickly but you should plan to lose it slowly. Not only is this often healthier than rapid weight loss, but you’re much more likely to maintain this weight loss rather than put it back on after a quick drop in weight.

Set targets such as aiming to lose 1-2 pound per week or to get your body fat percentage down to (for instance!) 15% by a certain date. If you set goals that you simply can’t reach within that time, you’ll become disheartened and much more likely to set yourself back. Hitting manageable and realistic goals will give you a boost that helps you reach your next target too!

Fit it Around Your Lifestyle

We are all different and that means that different weight loss plans will work for different people. There are hundreds of different diets out there and not all of them will work. What you want to find is a diet that gives you what you want without forcing you into eating almost nothing. Every diet will work around a calorie reduction but that doesn’t mean that you have to forfeit everything. The right diet will help you achieve your goals.

You can even create your own diet plan where you can decrease your calories, eat smaller portions and eat healthy high protein snacks. You are in control of how your diet but getting it right is the key to staying motivated and losing weight.

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Record Your Weight loss

It is a brilliant feeling when that old pair of jeans fit you again or you hop on the scales and see that the number in front of you is lower than last time. However, to keep on track, a weight loss journal can help you to identify patterns that worked for you.

You can record the food you eat each day, you can record your exercise and your weight, all of which can be used to manage your weight loss journey efficiently.

Reward Yourself

Weight loss does not have to be a regimented experience. Of course, you are going to need to be disciplined and strict but you can reward yourself every now and again. So, when you reach that target, reward yourself with a treat such as buying yourself a new pair of shoes or going to the cinema. Rewarding yourself in this way keeps it interesting but it makes you realise that your efforts can be rewarded.

Join a Weight Loss Group

exercising in gym

Sometimes, you need to go on a journey with others in the same position as you. Their weight loss will inspire you, getting ideas about what you can eat can help and you can find people to exercise with. You can share your goals with them and you can share your disappointments with them, as they can help to lift you up and get you back on track. So, when you are dieting and exercising but not losing weight, they will be there to give you the encouragement you need.

Make a Public Commitment

Weight loss motivation doesn’t get much bigger than telling people about it. If you put it out there that you are going to lose weight then you will feel more inclined to stick to it. You can tell friends and family or even share it on social media. This is a great way of staying accountable for your weight loss.

Expect Setbacks

Our bodies are magical and mystical and even though you have stuck to your diet strictly, the scales are suggesting otherwise. As mentioned, weight loss is a marathon. It is a change to your lifestyle that you implement over a long period of time and so, you should prepare for setbacks. You might have lost 4 pounds last week but gained 1 pound this week and although it isn’t ideal, you should look to make it right. You will also need to prepare for those unavoidable instances where dieting just doesn’t work. That could be birthday parties or holidays but whatever it might be, stay focused and always remain on track.

Don’t Restrict Yourself too Much

Often, people will fail a diet because they are far too restrictive. You don’t have to be perfect to lose weight but you do need to be committed. Don’t go all out and try to race to the finish line. Instead, look at the bigger picture. One meal won’t pile on the pounds, just like one meal won’t help you lose pounds. So, if you have to have a big lunch, then go for it. The trick is to make sure you make that your next meal is a healthy one instead of thinking that you “might as well have another bad meal because I had an unhealthy lunch”.

Enjoy Exercise

If you are including exercise as part of your weight loss journey then find something you enjoy. There is no fun in exercising without enjoyment, so if you love cycling then get out on your bike or if you prefer group exercises such as spin classes or even Zumba then make it happen. 

The trick to weight loss is to manage it in the right way. Plan goals, have targets and don’t be too restrictive. If you make slow changes and are prepared for small setbacks then you are ready to lose that weight once and for all.