What to eat before and after Yoga

What to eat before and after Yoga

Despite many thinking that yoga is a relatively simple exercise, it is more challenging than it looks. However, it incorporates muscles and breathing and so, it does require the right foods in order to make sure that your body is prepared before but also after.

As yoga is a very different form of exercise, the aim is to consume foods that are easy to digest such as high protein vegan snacks. This will ensure that you still feel nimble enough to get into those challenging poses. However, you still need to make sure that you make the right choices.

Before Yoga

Keep Carbs Simple

The aim here is to consume simple carbohydrates as well as small amounts of fat, fibre and protein as this will provide you with the right amount of energy. Therefore, you can opt for a banana or an apple while something as simple as hummus with crackers will do the trick.

Think of Energy Packed Snacks

Foods such as peanut butter, low sugar flapjacks or avocado on toast will have the right amount of energy that you need to get going. The aim is to find the right balance and not to overdo it.

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Foods That Are Simple to Digest

You don’t want to feel full and bloated when doing yoga. Therefore, you want to consume foods that are easily digested and give you the right amount of energy. This will include the likes of whole-grain carbs, high protein vegan foods and fat, all of which will give you the energy that you need.

Don’t Eat too Close to Your Class

You should aim to have a meal around two hours before you head out to your yoga class as this will enable you to eat the right meal while giving it time to digest. If you have to eat within two hours then keep the snack light and easy to digest.

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Avoid Certain Foods

If you consume spicy, fatty or acidic foods then you could find that you have an upset stomach while practising. You also want to avoid foods that digest slowly as they can make you feel bloated or uncomfortable.

Give it Time

You want to try and work to the timings of one to one and a half hours for light snacks to digest. If you have a light meal then allow it two to three hours to digest before you start your class. Everyone is different so you might have to experiment with it but that will mean that you have to listen to what your body is telling you.

The aim is to consume a well-balanced meal that contains carbs, proteins and fats to help the body and the mind during your class.

What About After Your Session?

It is just as important to eat after your yoga session as it is to eat before it as you will need to refuel the body. Therefore, you should aim for a snack that has a 3 to 1 ratio of carbohydrates and protein, as this will help to repair muscles but also restore your energy. Therefore, you could opt for fruit and nuts or granola while a smoothie with blueberries and banana as well as Greek yoghurt will do the trick.